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Acalyt Education is a one-stop solution provider that prepares students for every challenge imaginable at each stage of overseas studies: Pre-school Application, School Matching and Evaluation, Admission Examination Guidance, Course Bidding, and Advanced Tutoring for Higher-level Subjects, etc. Acalyt Education is also known as IB Expert and Alevel Expert for Chinese students.

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Edu-Tech Backed by NTU

As a real pioneer of its kind, Acalyt Education is the very first educational technology company backed by Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and incubated by the prestigious Nanyang University of Technology (NTU) as a successful education pilot program. Excellent leadership, experienced bilingual instruction team, and Acalyt’s exclusive adaptive question bank for O /A’ Level, and IB courses make her the No.1 online teaching guidance for 3 to 18 years old Chinese and Southeast Asian students seeking tertiary education overseas.


Aug 2016 - Incubated by Nanyang Technological University (2021QS World University Ranking No. 13)

Apr 2017 - Obtained 1st round of funding from Singapore Ministry of Education via NTUitive Programme

NTU Incubated & MOE Funded

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Founding members all graduated from Top 20 Universities (QS '21) in the World

Stanford University

National University of Singapore

Nanyang Technological University

Founding Team Background


Our 260+ tutors have abundant teaching experience at various prestigious academic institutes all over the world.

To name a few:

  • Yale University

  • National University of Singapore

  • Nanyang Technological University

  • New York University

  • International Academy (US)

  • Appleby College (Canada)

  • Bishop's College School (Canada)

  • Raffles Institution (SG)

260+ World-Class Celebrity Tutors

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The spell that defeats a Boggart can be tricky, because it involves making the creature into a figure of fun, so that fear can be dispelled in amusement.

---------- Harry Potter

RIDDIKULUS - Boggart is an original Acalyt learning methodology that aims to unravel the mystery of every unknown field of knowledge and make every student a master of knowledge, in laughters.  


Meeting with Indranee Rajah, Singapore Minister of Education &

Koh Poh Koon, member of the parliament Koh Poh Koon to showcase our 5-year track record

5-Year Track Record in Singapore 

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  • 98.7% overall admission targets hit

  • Over 1000 alumni who scored 40+/45 in IBDP OR more than 4As in A'Level 

Acalyt Diagnostic Test & Report

Acalyt's exclusive diagnostic tool to assess your child's academic and aptitude placement in an IB, O/A'Level / AP curriculum system.

Online Tutoring

RIDDIKULUS - Boggart Methodology

1000+ IBDP 40+/A'Level 4As Students

On a Video Call

Interview coaching and guidance

A team of experienced interview coach who are either an alumni or a previous teaching staff in your target school to provide exclusive One on One interview coaching and personal statement guidance.

International Bridging Course

To get you prepared and up to speed, concept by concept, of your target curriculum, be it IB / IGCSE or AP.


Available in all subjects.

Distance Learning
Performing Arts School

CCA and Enrichment Courses

We understand that academic rigor is not everything. 

To reach where you want to reach, you need to demonstrate your full potential, in all aspects of life. 

We help you craft your personal profile from Day One so that you are brilliant in and out. 

1 v.s. 1 Lifelong Learning Plan

Acalyt provides life-long academic and career path consultancy services for students as young as pre-schoolers so that they understand and achieve their goals at every step of their teenage-hood and early adulthood. Suitable for families who are highly mobile all over the world.